Humpback Whale

Marine Mammals for Pelagic Birders

Bernardo Alps

Tue, Oct 18, 2022 7:00 PM

Identifying marine mammals on a pelagic birding trip can be challenging, especially if only a small portion of an animal’s body is seen momentarily as it surfaces to breathe. But California birders are fortunate to live in an area rich in marine life, as the same oceanographic and bathymetric conditions that make the Southern California Bight such a hotspot for seabirds also create favorable conditions for many other animals, including marine mammals.

A whopping one third of all the world’s cetacean species have been recorded in the area!

But don’t despair, Bernardo Alps, an expert on marine mammal life, will give an overview of the species that can be observed here and will share helpful pointers on identification.

You won’t want to miss this webinar!

The livestream can be found at our YouTube channel.