Cooper's Hawk

The Cooper's Hawk: One of the Bird World's Most Skillful Fliers


Thu, Nov 05, 2020 7:00 PM

Before Polly was even interested in birding, she had become familiar with the Cooper’s Hawk. Of course, back then, Polly didn’t know what it was called — she simply knew there was a raptor who came to visit her house on a yearly basis. During this time, it would sit near her pool every day for about a month before it disappeared. Despite being intrigued by the presence of a raptor in her yard, Polly never figured out what that bird was…until the pandemic struck and that gave her more time to birdwatch every morning. Throughout her backyard bird feeding frenzy of birds, she observed many daily bird visitors, but she wasn’t expecting to see a Cooper’s Hawk. As she observed the sleek raptor, she became more drawn to this bird’s actions and behaviors, noted its favorite spots in her yard, and what time of day it liked to appear.

Join Polly as she guides you through everything to know about the species Accipiter Cooperii, and tells you the story of a family of Cooper’s Hawks that live in her yard.